24 September 2017

MIPEL2017: a meeting with the most important international leather goods show.

Majo e Dell'Oglio: un binomio vincente...

Carla Coppari, Owner of Majo® with her husband Stefano Romani, and her brother Roberto, gets interviewed during MIPEL September 2017 edition, the most important international leather goods and fashion accessories show. Majo’s brand was located in the exclusive area sponsored by Camera Italiana Buyer, The Glamouros, an innovative junction between top buyers and emerging designers, that this hugely important fair opens up to Italian-made creativity. In each The Glamour edition, four Italian buyers of excellence present four trendy designers giving visibility to their collections.

At the September 2017 edition Mario dell’Oglio, owner and buyer of the Dell’Oglio Palermo 1890 Boutique, presented Majo’s brand.