24 September 2020

Majo presents its new collection PE 2021

Absolute craftsmanship, rigorous selection of raw materials, exclusively Italian production. With these principals always at the heart of the Majo philosophy, the company has grown and developed, constantly making a name for itself in the most prestigious boutiques in Italy and internationally.

The combination of old-fashioned “know-how” with contemporary taste has given rise to collections with an extremely distinctive and recognisable character. This has made Majo style unique and inimitable. The Majo brand, unconventional and never commonplace, finds its strength in the uniqueness of leather bags and bijoux that will keep their strong personality over the years becoming witnesses of the real “made in Italy”.

That “handmade in Italy” that the whole world admires and envies us. During our last trip to Morocco, in the labyrinths of the Medina of Marrakech, it was impossible not to get lost among the scents and colors of the goods of a thousand merchants. It was impossible not to be inspired from the warmth of the Berber red, from the intensity of the majorelle blue, from the cozy Saduc sand. Our senses have plentifully drawn from these elements and our S/S 2021 collection reap the benefits.