12 February 2019

Majo in the new episodes of “Inspector Montalbano”

 A new season of “Inspector Montalbano” is returning along with Majo’s bags…Majo® returns on our screens with one of the most beloved Italian tv shows: Inspector Montalbano. Starring Luca Zingaretti and Sonia Bergamasco, on Rai 1 with two new episodes. The first episode,titled “on the other end of the phone”,airs on February 11th 2019 and present itself as a a reduction of one of the latest novels of Andrea Camilleri. The second one titled “A diary from 1943”, airs on February 18th 2019 and is part of the collection “Un mese con Montalbano” wich was released on the market in 1998. We would like to renew our special thanks to Chiara Ferrantini,the costume designer,who has chosen Majo since 2016 for one of the most sucessful Italian tv shows.