19 April 2019

Japan, the new Majo collection for Spring Summer 2019

A trip to the sea.

The Mediterranean scrub with its colors and scents is the backdrop for the new Majo collection.

Groundbraking proposals and innovative materials, raffia combined with old yarns creates lightweight and elegant bags.

Delicate two-tone colors on soft leathers characterize harmonious volumes.

Our new models will be shortly online.

“everyone finds himself a nomad or a sedentary flows lover ,transport, travel, or static enthusiast,of immobility and roots.

Without knowing it, some of them (…) rush to the east and then turn to the west; they know the are mortals but they experience themselves as fragments of eternity

destined to move on a finite planet (…); in the same way, others feel the desire of rooting,they know the pleasures of the local and tend to mistrust the global.

The former love the road, the latter rejoice in the den (…) “.

“Théorie du voyage” by Michel Onfray