About us

History and Values

The Company was set up in 1986 by Carla Coppari, who had just completed her studies at the Higher State Institute of Industrial Design (ISIA) in Rome, and by Stefano Romani, boasting a hands-on experience in goldsmith’s shops throughout Florence.

A few years later, with the arrival of a new partner, Roberto Coppari, currently with the role of Sales and Marketing manager of the brand, Majo moves important steps in the national market, directing their core business on bags, a product which expresses once again the multifaceted Stefano Romani’s and Carla Coppari’s creativity. In 1990 came their first active participation in national trade exhibitions, then Majo moves overseas in 1991. These events turned out connections with prestigious groups like Saks NY, Harrod’s London, Takashimaya NY and Japan, Printemps Paris.



Tradition meets contemporaneity through skillful gestures that give life to craft creations with an authentic Italian taste. Majo owes its name to the giant trip-hammer in the “Società delle Fucine” steel mill, that beating heart of the city that was a metalworking centre of worldwide importance at the beginning of the last century. Just like the sound of the hammer used to beat the rhythm of the day for the whole community, creating a proud sense of belonging. Today a community that wants “to be” more than “to seem” is recognised in the MAJO® brand. The challenge of the three partners, at a time when other companies were outsourcing their activities, was to track down expert local workers and identify methods traditional to this area as a starting point for a collection with modern and current taste.